Angioma Alliance Board of Directors Membership

The Angioma Alliance Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the affairs of Angioma Alliance. The Angioma Alliance Board has two major roles:

  1. The Board works collectively to plan the direction and activities of the organization as we fulfill our mission to inform, support and empower those affected by cavernous angioma and drive research for better treatments and a cure. In this role, the Board makes informed decisions about program and policy.
  2. The Board raises funds to make our work possible through any of a variety of activities including events, grants, and direct requests.

Some Board members fill other roles: as officers and professional consultants, as liaison to special populations, in legislative advocacy, or as coordinators of Angioma Alliance programs. These roles evolve and additional roles are added as our organization reaches new stages.
The benefits of Board membership include:

  1. Playing a pivotal role in the future of cavernous angioma research, treatment, education, and support.
  2. Being the first to learn of new developments in the field, often before most researchers.
  3. Attending the annual International Cavernous Angioma Scientific Meeting as a volunteer and patient community representative.

To fulfill Board obligations, responsibilities of Directors include, at minimum:

  1. actively participating in board meetings and on committees (most via conference call), 
  2. raising funds (minimum of $5000 per year to either give or get) and ensuring that the organization remain stable and viable by participating in budgeting,
  3. acting in accordance with bylaws, and
  4. acting with a sense of group responsibility.

To apply for Board membership:

  1. Review the Board of Directors contract and Angioma Alliance Bylaws
  2. Print, complete, and submit the Board Candidate Application

Positions on the Board are filled by election by existing Board members - your application does not guarantee election.