I've Had an Operation Too!


From: "Olga Cervone"
Sent: November 26, 2003

Hi! I was operated on October 17, 2003 (one month ago) for a Cavernous Angioma. I was lucky because I had a friend in the hospital near my home (she is a neurologist) that helped me in many ways the night I arrived there with an awful headache. I was also lucky to be (without knowing it in advance) in a hospital that has one of the best staff of neurosurgeons in Italy. They were great... 5 days after the operation I was at home, on my legs. I had no deficits, no headache.... everything seems just normal, after the operation.... they did not even cut all my hair!

I just suffered for a lack of communication with my doctors, because nobody really talked to me before the operation. I know that they don't like to be emotionally involved with every patient, but I must say, now, that I was very interested in reading all the useful information (facts, statistics etc.) on your site.

Now I'm quite fine.... I just sleep a lot because of the medicine (Gardenale - fenobarbitale) I have to take to avoid "epilessia (what's the English word for it?). I was also planning a short vacation with my boyfriend but somebody just stole my new car.... bad things always come together!

Go on like that!


Olga Cervone
Rome, Italy