Small Cerebral Hemangioma and Seizures


From: "Gil Pinheiro " gilp@uerj.br
Sent: November 17, 2005

My son always was a normal boy. But, on that day, when he was close to the TV watching someone playing the videogame, he became unconscious and had a tonic-clonic seizure. He was 13 years old at that time, and me and my wife was very scared. We though the videogame was the only reason for that.

We went to a neurologist and a neurosurgeon, and our boy did many exams (MRI, EEG, blood, etc.). Were detected a very little cerebral cavernous hemangioma, with a very small amount of liquid (blood) in the surroundings, located in the gyro-motor area of cerebrum (right side of cerebrum). The neurosurgeon said the problem could be corrected only by a surgery. But as the hemangioma had a small size and because the surgery risks, medication was more indicated. Our boy then started taking an anti-seizure medication and regular neurologist assistance also. But occurrence of others seizures and the hemangioma size should be observed.

Some months after the seizure, he experienced some small uncontrolled movements on his arm and face. On January, 2005, one year after the seizure, a second tonic-clonic seizure occurred. New exams showed the medication level in the blood was low. With an increased medication level he went well and no more involuntary movements took place. Anyway, we continue paying attention on any abnormal symptoms.

Thank You,

Gil Pinheiro